some error of verbs

subject+ verb + obj

subject- doer of any action

verb- the action itself

object- reciver of any action

verb it dinotes:

Action- Ram met Sita.

Being-Anushaka ate, pizza

State- We are learners.

verb have two kinds
  • main verb
    • transtive
    • intranstive
  • helping verb

if you got the answer of what or whom from the sentense then the verb is transtive . as: Ram met Sita.

in this word you can find the ans of whom (ram met whom ?)--- then the verb is transtive

If you does not got the ans of what or whom from the sentence then, the verb is intranstive. as: Birds are flying in the sky

A lot of people have been died in the accident. (you cann't use been)

type --- Some verbs can take reflexive pronoun,

  • I introduced myself to the managing director .--you have to use myself after introduced

  • Reema enjoyed the movie very much.-- no error

  • vinay is enjoying himself the new city.-- use reflexive pronoun after enjoying

  • they availed themselves of the golden oportunity

type b-- some verb cann't take the reflexive pronoun.

  • pankaj bathes himself in the river.-- false word are underline
  • Anju dressed herself for the party ,-- false word are underline