tense verb


Detail about tenses past, present and future

Simplelearnlearnedwill learn
indifiniteam/is/are learningwas/were learningwill be learning
Perfecthave/has learnedhad learnedwill have learned
Perfect indifinitehave/has been learninghad been learningwill have been learning

You should know this things.

     a. Present tense -1st form of verb
     b. Past tense -- .......ed or a few patterns.
     c. Future tense -- will (shall) + verb.


  • I run in the ground twice a year. (present)
  • I ran in the ground last year. (past)
  • I will run a marathon next year. (future)

  • I know it.
  • I knew it the day before yesterday.
  • I will know it by tomorrow.

  • I learn physics.
  • I learned physics the last two years.
  • I will learn physics next year.

  • I fail in exam.
  • I failed in exam
  • I will fail exam tomorrow.

  • I see a dog once a week.
  • I saw a movie yesterday.
  • I will see a movie tomorrow.